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About Thai Smiles Airways

A subsidiary airline of Thai Airways International

Thai Smile Airways was founded in 2011 and established as a regional subsidiary airline of Thai Airways International, the national carrier of Thailand. The airline serves leisure and business travelers on regional and short-haul flight routes to Southeast Asia and nearby destinations.

It possesses a fleet of modern and fuel-efficient aircraft, especially Airbus A320 family aircraft. The airline primarily connects regional routes within Thailand and across Asia to China, India, Malaysia, and so on.

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Thai Smile Airways

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Cabins, baggage and inflight service

Thai Smile Airways provides passengers with a convenient and comfortable travel experience at competitive prices. Here are some outstanding features of this airline.

Regional focus and budget-friendly cost

Thai Smile Airways specializes in regional and short-haul flights, connecting various cities within Thailand and neighboring countries in Asia. With a cost-conscious approach, you can enjoy a range of amenities and services at affordable prices.

Modern fleet

The airline comprises a range of state-of-the-art and fuel-efficient Airbus A320 aircraft, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey for passengers.

Attentive services

A quality flying experience for its passengers on flights of Thai Smile Airways is defined by in-flight entertainment, meals, and a level of service consistent with Thai Airways' standards.

Thai Smile Airways offers two main ticket classes including economy class and business class.

Thai Smile Airways Economy

Economy Class (Smile Class)

This is the standard class in that you are served basic amenities and services, including a seat, in-flight entertainment, and meal service (if applicable).

Thaismile Airways Business

Business Class (Smile Plus)

Business class offers a higher level of comfort and service. You can enjoy priority check-in, access to airport lounges, more spacious seating, upgraded meal options, and other premium services.


As of January 2023, Thai Smile Airways operates a fleet of Airbus A320 and Airbus A320neo aircraft.

Frequently asked questions

What is the baggage allowance for the Smile class?
Smile class offers a 20-kg baggage allowance for domestic flights and a 30-kg baggage allowance for international flights.
When can I access online check-in?
You can perform online check-in between 24 hours and 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight.
When should I arrive at the airport?

For international routes, the check-in counters open 3 hours before departure and close 60 minutes before departure. The boarding gate is closed 10 minutes prior to departure.

For domestic routes, the check-in counters open 2 hours before departure and close 45 minutes before departure. The boarding gate is closed 10 minutes before departure.

You need to arrange time appropriately to fit the flight schedule.

Is there a fee for exceeding the baggage allowance?

Yes. Charges for exceeding the standard baggage allowance are applied based on weight. Any excess baggage needs to be evaluated and paid for before the passenger's boarding onto the aircraft.


Can I order a special dietary onboard?

Yes. The airline can cater to a wide range of meal requirements such as Asian vegetarian meals, infant/baby food, child meals, diabetic meals, low-calorie meals, low-fat/cholesterol meals, Muslim meals, seafood meals, and more.