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FAQs - Booking Beijing flights

How long is the flight to Beijing?

  • Flight duration from Bangkok is 4h 44m (3307.97 km or 2055.48 Miles)

What is the average flight time to Beijing from major cities?

City Distance Flight time
Zhengzhou (China) 663km/412mi 45m
Jakarta (Indonesia) 5238km/3255mi 6h 1m
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) 3398km/2111mi 3h 54m
Seoul (South Korea) 903km/561mi 1h 2m
Guangzhou (China) 1881km/1169mi 2h 9m
Manila (Philippines) 2875km/1787mi 3h 18m
London (United Kingdom) 8153km/5066mi 9h 22m
Penang (Malaysia) 4199km/2609mi 4h 49m
Narathiwat (Thailand) 4015km/2495mi 4h 36m
Chiang Mai (Thailand) 2908km/1807mi 3h 20m
Paris (France) 8189km/5088mi 9h 24m
Haikou (China) 2315km/1438mi 2h 39m
Xian (China) 934km/580mi 1h 4m
Lampang (Thailand) 2925km/1818mi 3h 21m
Sapporo (Japan) 2106km/1308mi 2h 25m

What is the closest airport to Beijing?

The nearest airport to the center of Beijing is Beijing Capital International Airport, which is located 0.0 km away or a 0 min drive

How is the weather right now in Beijing?

The current weather in Beijing is Clear:

Date Conditions Temp (low/high) Humidity Chance of rain
17 April 2024 Clear 14°C/28°C 19% 0%
18 April 2024 Clouds 16°C/28°C 18% 0%
19 April 2024 Rain 15°C/19°C 31% 0.13%
20 April 2024 Clouds 13°C/21°C 39% 0%
21 April 2024 Clouds 12°C/27°C 34% 0%
22 April 2024 Rain 14°C/28°C 30% 0.12%
23 April 2024 Clear 13°C/26°C 10% 0%