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Cheap flights to Chiang Mai

Flight info.
Departure Arrival
Route Fare
Utapao to Chiang Mai
From US$ 0 Search
Ho Chi Minh City to Chiang Mai
From US$ 88 Search
PG241 PG
10:00 USM
11:50 CNX
Koh Samui to Chiang Mai
From US$ 178 Search
PG223 PG
09:55 BKK
11:15 CNX
Bangkok to Chiang Mai
From US$ 40 Search

FAQs - Booking Chiang Mai flights

How long is the flight to Chiang Mai?

  • Flight duration from Bangkok is 51 min (593.23 km or 368.62 Miles)
  • Flight duration from Koh Samui is 1h 28m (1026.75 km or 638.0 Miles)
  • Flight duration from Utapao is 1h 1m (708.32 km or 440.13 Miles)
  • Flight duration from Ho Chi Minh City is 1h 44m (1208.2 km or 750.74 Miles)

What is the average flight time to Chiang Mai from major cities?

City Distance Flight time
Munich (Germany) 8256km/5130mi 9h 29m
Hyderabad (India) 2177km/1353mi 2h 30m
Karachi (Pakistan) 3344km/2078mi 3h 50m
Guangzhou (China) 1572km/977mi 1h 48m
Frankfurt (Germany) 8447km/5249mi 9h 42m
Hanoi (Vietnam) 764km/475mi 52m
Luang Prabang (Laos) 358km/222mi 24m
Dhaka (Bangladesh) 1051km/653mi 1h 12m
Ahmedabad (India) 2774km/1723mi 3h 11m
Nagoya (Japan) 4126km/2564mi 4h 44m
Jinan (China) 2685km/1668mi 3h 5m
Lahore (Pakistan) 2839km/1764mi 3h 15m
Krabi (Thailand) 1187km/737mi 1h 21m
Denpasar (Indonesia) 3538km/2199mi 4h 4m
Beijing (China) 2908km/1807mi 3h 20m

What is the closest airport to Chiang Mai?

The nearest airport to the center of Chiang Mai is Chiang Mai International Airport, which is located 0.0 km away or a 0 min drive

How is the weather right now in Chiang Mai?

The current weather in Chiang Mai is Clear:

Date Conditions Temp (low/high) Humidity Chance of rain
17 April 2024 Clear 26°C/41°C 36% 0%
18 April 2024 Clear 26°C/42°C 21% 0%
19 April 2024 Rain 26°C/39°C 25% 1%
20 April 2024 Clear 25°C/40°C 23% 0%
21 April 2024 Clear 27°C/42°C 20% 0%
22 April 2024 Clouds 27°C/41°C 22% 0%
23 April 2024 Rain 26°C/42°C 22% 0.72%