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FAQs - Booking Khon Kaen flights

How long is the flight to Khon Kaen?

  • Flight duration from Bangkok is 32 min (376.73 km or 234.09 Miles)

What is the average flight time to Khon Kaen from major cities?

City Distance Flight time
Hong Kong (China) 1337km/831mi 1h 32m
Stockholm (Sweden) 8146km/5062mi 9h 21m
Delhi (India) 2952km/1834mi 3h 23m
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 1530km/951mi 1h 45m
Lahore (Pakistan) 3318km/2062mi 3h 48m
Trat (Thailand) 469km/291mi 32m
Hanoi (Vietnam) 616km/383mi 42m
Vientiane (Laos) 170km/105mi 2h 15m
Beijing (China) 2945km/1830mi 3h 23m
Osaka (Japan) 3796km/2359mi 4h 21m
Surat Thani (Thailand) 906km/563mi 1h 2m
Kolkata (India) 1652km/1026mi 1h 53m
Karachi (Pakistan) 3810km/2368mi 4h 22m
Ahmedabad (India) 3234km/2010mi 3h 43m
Tianjin (China) 2890km/1796mi 3h 19m

What is the closest airport to Khon Kaen?

The nearest airport to the center of Khon Kaen is Khon Kaen Airport, which is located 0.0 km away or a 0 min drive

How is the weather right now in Khon Kaen?

The current weather in Khon Kaen is Rain:

Date Conditions Temp (low/high) Humidity Chance of rain
17 April 2024 Rain 30°C/38°C 36% 0.22%
18 April 2024 Rain 29°C/40°C 26% 0.6%
19 April 2024 Rain 27°C/42°C 25% 1.2%
20 April 2024 Clear 30°C/41°C 21% 0%
21 April 2024 Clouds 30°C/41°C 23% 0%
22 April 2024 Rain 31°C/40°C 27% 0.24%
23 April 2024 Rain 29°C/39°C 28% 0.24%